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Sylvan Lake artist to perform at BRC cabaret

Dylan Gillett will take to the stage Friday evening after the bull riders have finished

Sylvan Lake country musician and cover artist Dylan Gillett will be making his way to the stage as part of the town’s bull riding weekend.

Gillett will be playing as the opening act to Renegade Station Friday night following the bull riding action in the Coors Banquet Saloon.

Gillett says he is excited to be making a break in his home town.

“I’ve lived in Sylvan for about eight years now, and I’ve always wanted to play here,” he said, adding he recently played his first show in Sylvan Lake at Snake Lake Brewing.

Playing at home is a great opportunity, the country artist said. He says it means a lot of his friends will be able to come out to the show.

He is also excited to open for Renegade Station, whom he hasn’t heard live before.

“It’s great, really. I’ll be opening for Renegade Station and I’ve been in that position a lot before, it’s a great opportunity that I’m really looking forward to,” he said.

Playing at the Bull Riders Canada Finals is a chance for Gillett to expand his audience, he says.

By playing in his home town, Gillett says it will give locals a chance to get to know him and his music.

Gillett has been a working musician for roughly 15 years, and is looking at ways to play his music in a more full-time capacity.

“I used to play pretty much full-time, but then you know marriage and kids changed that bit and I had to get a real job. I’m looking at changing that,” he said.

He says he grew up with country music, and loves the sound from the 1990s classic country songs.

In particular, he says he favours music that has a story.

“I grew up on the stuff, which is why a lot of what I play has that ‘90s sound.”

The country music of the 1990s was always around Gillett and his brother while growing up on a ranch near Fairview, Alta.

“I was just always surrounded by [country music] and I grew to love it,” Gillett said.

When it comes to playing live, he says he enjoys playing music that will get people dancing.

In particular, he says the music in his live performances generally have a high tempo, and are high energy.

“We don’t want to put anyone to sleep,” he said with a laugh.

When picking cover songs to perform, Gillett says he tries to pick songs he thinks everyone will love, as well as some of his favourites.

Currently, he says some of his favourite songs to perform are by the artist Randy Houser.

“I mostly do covers, but there is a little bit of my own stuff in there as well,” said Gillett.

Gillett takes to the stage in the evening cabaret on Nov. 15, with his set expected to begin between 9:30 and 10 p.m.

All the performances in the cabaret will begin after the bull riding has completed for the night on Nov. 15 and 16.