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COVID-19 is what happened when we all made other plans!

COVID-19 is what happened when we all made other plans!

Seriously, when I found myself at home due to the coronavirus, I thought ‘’here is my chance to save the world.” My world, of course! Changing the whole world was even beyond my wildest imaginings.

And so, in my head I thought of about a million things I would do to make that happen.

I would exercise. Not only exercise, but exercise more. Harder! Better!

I would improve my housekeeping skills. When people came to visit (which of course, nobody does) the words ‘spotless, really clean, neat, organized, and just ‘wow’ would come to mind.

I would create a meal plan; healthy, nutritious, frugal, and delicious. And this would happen every single day.

I would improve my piano playing skills so that when people came (the ones who were here already, checking out my house), I would sit down and play some complicated Sonatina piece in B flat major or something equally difficult with ease, grace and style.

My guests, already in awe over my amazing housekeeping skills, would listen, spellbound. Somebody would video me and put it on U-tube and it would inspire other seniors such as myself that they could be a ‘rock star’ if only they persevered.

Anyway, I had all this stuff going on in my head that I would make happen.

None of it did.

Before the coronavirus I was blessed with a rich imagination and, in my mind, achieved great things.

Ditto during the coronavirus.

And, no doubt, after the coronavirus it will be no different.

But, still, spending more time at home has taught me a lot.

I cannot believe how fast a day can go. All those little minutes that add up to hours and all the hours that add up to a day!

Where the heck do they go?

I have also learned that I can create healthy, nutritious meals and, have a spotless house, but neither the meals nor the spotless house last for more than a heartbeat.

And, then it is time to start over again.

And again.

And, somehow, in the endless chain of ‘again and again’ the words “who cares” keeps popping up, kind of like a broken record.

As far as my piano playing, I have been watching lots of U-tube videos and I see these little kids play the songs that I am struggling with, with complete ease and skill, further flattening the curve of my already fragile image of self.

But, then miraculously, some little light goes on in my head or my soul or wherever those little lights are plugged in at.

And I think about some person (much wiser than me) who said, “it’s the journey, not the destination.”

And I feel better. So I try again!

We have been told ever since the coronavirus became a new word in the dictionary that we are all in this together.

And I truly believe that to be true, but, really, it doesn’t stop or start with the coronavirus.

This journey.

We are all in it together, even though that journey looks different for each of us.

And so the lyrics in the Beatles song that go, ‘I’ll get by with a little help from my friends’ does not apply just during COVID-19, but today and every day!

And, of course, a little bit of courage, determination and willpower tossed in with a great deal of faith, hope and love doesn’t hurt either when you run into those inevitable potholes along the way.