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Buccaneers kneel to Monarchs

The Bucs fell to the For McMurray Monarchs 47-7 on June 24
STRONG D - The Central Alberta Buccaneers put on a strong defensive game playing the Fort McMurray Monarchs on June 24. Unfortunately, the team’s offense was unable to find their placing and lost 47-7. PHOTO SUBMITTED BY ALTHEA LEWIS/CENTRAL ALBERTA BUCCANEERS

Coming off a by-week, the Central Alberta Buccaneers were in for a tough fight going up against last year’s Alberta Football League champions, the Fort McMurray Monarchs.

To make the game a little more personal, it was the Buccaneers who were defeated in last year’s title game.

The battle was fierce, but ultimately the pirates were lost at sea and the Monarchs claimed their fifth win of the season.

With at the Monarch’s first place standing going into the game, it was sure to be an up-hill battle if the Bucs were to win.

Like the previous game against the Calgary Gators, the Buccaneers put up a tough defense.

But they saw a lot of field time.

“The Monarchs are the best semi-pro team in the country,” said longtime Buc veteran, Tylor Johannesson.

TheMonarchs boasts a roster of junior, award-winning university and ex-CFL players.

The defensive line stayed “motivate and disciplined” against, what Johannesson described as, a CFL-calibre running back and a Texas University quarterback.

On the flip side, the crew had a rough go offensively and never really found their footing.

“The team’s offense struggled to find any consistency.,” said Todd Lewis, community representative with the Buccaneers.

Unfortunately the heat, and having the defence on the field most of the game ate away at the team.

“It wasn’t easy, but we kept it close for the most part,” said Johannesson.

It was fairly even, thanks to the d-line, but the Monarchs found their opening late in the fourth quarter.

The Monarchs were able to get around the Bucs intimidating defines for a few touchdowns.

The last touchdown of the game came just after the Monarchs utilized their timeout with two seconds left in the game.

In the end the Monarchs left with the first place crown securely in place, with a 47-7 win over the Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers won’t play again until July 8.

With another bye-week over the Canada Day weekend, the Bucs have the opportunity to lick their wounds and prepare for a comeback.

The Bucs will next face the Parkland Predators on July 8 at the Fuhr Sports Park in Spruce Grove.