The Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics Show and Shine will be held on July 8 at Meadowlands Golf Club.

The Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics Show and Shine will be held on July 8 at Meadowlands Golf Club.

Customs and Classics gears up another show and shine

The Sylvan Lake car club is hosting its 11th annual show and shine on July 8

The Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics club is gearing up for its 11th annual show and shine.

Taking place July 8, the show and shine will be a fun filled day for car enthusiasts and people of all ages, according to club member and organizer Gord Bredo.

“While it’s mostly for car enthusiasts, I think any one who comes will have a good time,” Bredo told the Sylvan Lake News in a phone interview.

There is a little bit of everything going on at the show, taking place once again at the Meadowlands Gold Club.

Bredo says there will be face painting for the kids, a silent auction, beer gardens put on by Meadowlands. Bredo says there will even be a professional DJ on site to keep everyone entertained all day.

The club will also have door prizes to win, which Bredo says roughly half of attendees go home with something.

There will also be food on hand thanks to the partnership of the Knights of Columbus who will be cooking breakfast and lunch at the event.

“We try to make it a good community event that everyone can enjoy.”

Not much is changing between this and last year’s event. Though Bredo did say the event has changed and evolved over the last 11 years.

One big difference is the size of the event and the location.

Since it’s inception, the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics have moved the show and shine to various location around town.

Now they have set up shop at Meadowland, where they have rented the driving range for the day.

“We are lucky and privileged to be able to host our event at such a beautiful site,” said Bredo.

The show and shine has gotten bigger over the years.

Meadowlands has a lot of room on its driving range for the car show to spread out, which is a good thing because in recent years the event has been drawing people from further away.

“We’ve been getting participants from all across Alberta,” Bredo said. “Sometimes it just takes a little while to get the word out on these local events.”

The show and shine is a little bit more than just a spectators event. Every year the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics gives back to the community from what is made at the show.

Last year they donated $500 to both the Sylvan Lake Food Bank and to urgent care.

“It’s important to us to stay local and give back to our community,” Bredo said, adding that most of the show’s sponsors are local businesses.

While giving back to the community is a great part of the event, to Bredo it isn’t his favourite.

“The best part is probably seeing the kids, with their faces painted, and watching their jaws drop to the floor when they see a car they like. It’s very gratifying.”

The Sylvan Lake Customs and Classics Show and Shine will be held on July 8 at the Meadowlands Gold Club from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The event is free to spectators. Anyone looking to participate in the show and display their car can do so by signing up bright and early on the day of the event.

The club will happily allow any car to participate as long as it is clean and loved.

Participation in the show is $15.

“Its full of fun for everyone who comes,” said Bredo.

More information about the show and the Sylvan Lake Customs and Classic Club can be found on their website or on their club’s Facebook page.

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