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Massive success at first Mrs. Roper's Romp in Sylvan Lake

First ever Mrs. Roper's Romp held in Sylvan Lake on April 27 was a massive success
The first-ever Mrs. Roper's Romp in Sylvan Lake raised $1,450 to go towards the Sylvan Lake Food Bank and the Little Free Pantry. Sixty-four pounds of groceries were also collected at the event to split between the two organizations.

On Saturday, April 27 a large group of people could be seen in downtown Sylvan Lake dressed up as characters from Three's Company

In total 78 people participated in the first-ever Mrs. Roper's Romp held in the community, event organizer Annette Brown said. 

"Most of the attendees dressed up as Mrs. Roper, however, there were also people dressed up as Larry, Chrissy as well as some of the other characters from the show." 

The event was an incredible social experience, she added. 

"One of my favourite things was how people were exchanging phone numbers to reconnect after the event." 

For the event, five different businesses were also visited including the Fireside Restaurant and Lounge, The Driftwood, Chief's Pub and Eatery, the Rusty Kage Smokehouse and Grill, and the Sand Castle Steakhouse.

"We split into groups and rotated through the establishments," Brown said. 

At Fireside, Micheal Nelson from HouseParty 360 Events also provided the group with a 360 camera, which was another one of the event highlights, she added. 

"With the 360 camera, people were able to take these wonderful videos to save as memories of the evening." 

Towards the end of the event, there was a pageant and one of the attendees was crowned the Mrs. Roper of Sylvan Lake 2024. 

"That person was Gary Nielson," Brown said. 

During the event money and food were collected to be split between the Sylvan Lake Food Bank and the Sylvan Lake Municipal Library's Little Free Pantry. 

"In total, we made $1,450 and collected 64 pounds of food to split between the two organizations," Brown said. 

The generosity of the event attendees and community members who came out to see everyone dressed up was incredible, she added. 

"I was really surprised that we raised so much. People were so generous in opening up their wallets to give us money to donate to the two charities." 

Regarding bringing the event back next year there almost isn't a choice but to do so, Brown said. 

"The support for this first event was overwhelming. People had a great time and have already been saying they have more friends that want to come next time." 


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