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New jerseys are a priority for the Ecole H.J. Cody Athletics Society

The Athletics Society’s goal is to limit financial barriers for kids to be involved in sports
Ecole H.J. Cody High School in Sylvan Lake (File photo)

The Ecole H.J. Cody Athletics Society has organized a 50/50 raffle to fundraise for new jerseys for the sports teams.

For the society, jerseys are typically a number one priority, says athletics society member Kerri Orriss.

“Jerseys only have a set lifespan as general use degrades them over time and they end up having holes in them.”

New jerseys are also important in regards to displaying school pride, she added.

“We want our student-athletes to feel proud of who they are representing, and a jersey is part of that process.”

Besides going towards jerseys, money from the athletics society also goes towards covering registration fees and other costs related to athletics at the school.

“A large goal of the athletics society is to limit financial barriers for the kids to be involved in sports,” Orriss said.

Each year, the budget with which the society has to do that typically varies.

“Our budget is usually around $10,000 a year,” she said.

From a fundraising perspective, to offset the costs faced by the athletics society, it is constantly looking for new ways to fundraise.

“We are always looking for different ideas from a fundraiser perspective.”

Other than the 50/50, there are usually other fundraisers community members can look out for if they wish to support the athletic society, Orriss said.

“A lot of the teams at the school will also do individual fundraising, and one of the ways they do that is through bottle drives.”

Making a connection with the community is very important, she added.

“It is important for the community to be aware of the activities going on with the school whether it is the games being played or the activities being done by the kids to offset the costs associated with participating.”

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