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Red Dress Day observed by the Town of Sylvan Lake

The Town of Sylvan Lake observed Red Dress Day and will be taking part in the Moose Hide Campaign
The town of Sylvan Lake observed Red Dress Day on May 5. (photo courtesy the Town of Sylvan Lake Facebook page)

The Town of Sylvan Lake recently observed Red Dress Day on May 5 and has plans to participate in the Moose Hide Campaign later this month.

While the two initiatives are different, they also complement each other by addressing different aspects of the same overarching issue, culture and tourism supervisor Channelle Brooker said.

“Red Dress Day specifically focuses on honoring the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women, while the Moose Hide Campaign seeks to engage men and boys in ending violence against women and children.”

“By recognizing these events, the town can contribute to raising awareness, promoting healing, and fostering positive change within the community,” she added.

For Red Dress Day, red dresses were displayed at municipal facilities to symbolize the solidarity and remembrance of the missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit individuals.

“The Town also put out a social media campaign, where Town Council members and Indigenous community members shared their voices, raising awareness and fostering dialogue on these crucial issues,” Brooker said.

The most important thing a community member can do is understand the significance of Red Dress Day and the Moose Hide Campaign, she added.

“It is important to acknowledge the systemic issues of violence and discrimination faced by Indigenous women and children, and commit to taking action to address and prevent violence in our community.”

“Community members should also recognize the importance of ongoing support and ally-ship for Indigenous peoples beyond these events. This includes advocating for systemic changes, supporting Indigenous-led initiatives, and actively working towards reconciliation and healing within the community.”

For the Moose Hide Campaign, moose hide pins are currently available at municipal facilities.

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