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Sylvan Lake Blizzard win final game of the season

The U13 Sylvan Lake Blizzard defeated the Rocky Mountain House Knights 7-0

The U13 Sylvan Lake Blizzard took home gold after defeating the Rocky Mountain House Knights 7-0 on June 26. 

For the team getting to the gold medal final took time and dedication, president of the Sylvan Lake Soccer Association and U13 coach Kevin Breitkreutz said. 

"We started off in U11 and just grew the team. In the beginning, we just focused on practicing, and then we went out to the games. Honestly, this team has a unique thing of how they just click."

Seeing how the team progressed and improved throughout the season was amazing, he added.

"It's a pleasure to coach them." 

The weather for the final game was also perfect, Breitkreutz said. 

"The weather today was perfect it was just cloudy, it was not too hot and it was not rainy or cold like it used to be in the beginning so we enjoyed that." 

For next year's season, many of the players will also be heading up to the U15 category. 

"Half of the team will probably be moving up and the other half will be staying in U13. I will be leading the U15s up and then coach Julie Maplethorpe and coach Jon Worth are going to stay behind and coach the U13s," Breitkreutz said. 

For the Sylvan Lake Soccer Association community support is growing.

"We are getting out there and being more public with them so the community is starting to notice us a little bit more now," he said. 

"The community also loves how professional the association is, we don't leave messes behind or anything like that." 

Now that the regular season is over the association is currently planning indoor soccer for the fall. 

More information will be announced at a later date and updates can be found on the website, 


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