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Sylvan Lake high school held Remembrance Day ceremony

Students learned about different soldiers who have impacted the school and community
HJ Cody High School in Sylvan Lake (File photo)

Ecole HJ Cody High School held its Remembrance Day service on Nov. 8.

Despite some delays, social studies teacher Jonathan Paul said the ceremony helped to show the respect and character of the students.

“What was impressive is that the kids were patient and respectful to our invited guest and to the importance of the ceremony and there was not one complaint about the time.”

Paul also decided to shine a light on important historical war-time events that ended in three, with this year being 2023.

“So I talked about the invasion of Sicily in 1943, the end of the Korean War in 1953, and the beginning of aggression in Afghanistan in 2013,” he said.

“I find that working in multiples of 10 works for the kids as it is easy for them to understand the context of 70 years, 60 years and 20 years ago,” he added.

Some students also took on a role during the ceremony, Paul said.

“Cadets Aiden Hoffman and Hailey Smith stood on guard beside the epitaph for the whole ceremony and Wolfgang Aschenberger played Last Post and Reveille on trumpet. Many students also helped with setting up the gym and tech.”

There were also other ways students participated, he added.

“Students also participated during the longest part of the ceremony where we present through a picture and twenty-second or so bio which tells the stories of every veteran who has impacted our school.”

Telling these stories is very important, Paul added.

“I will always include acts of heroism committed by Canadian Soldiers as it is important to recognize the sacrifice of those who have served our country.”

Three community members and some of the parents also took part in the ceremony, Paul said.

“RCMP Officer Tom Laidler, Veteran Larry Neis, and Legion Representative Percy Bryant gave speeches. Each one of these three provided a very real perspective on what it’s like to serve your community which is an important message to tell the students.”



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