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Town of Sylvan Lake expands water conservation dates

Two extra months for conserving water were added; April and October
Sylvan Lake Town Office. (Sarah Baker/Sylvan Lake News photo)

The Town of Sylvan Lake is expanding its efforts to conserve water.

Sylvan Lake added the months of April and October to the annual mandatory water conservation periods and also added two extra hours in the morning to the time frame when people cannot water their lawns.

The expansion comes as a response to a request made by the Government of Alberta in a letter the Town received on Dec. 20.

“In partnership with the province, we’re doing what we can to make sure our water supply is plentiful and accessible,” environmental services manager Monique Johnson said.

“Expanding the duration of water conservation measures by two additional months and two extra hours a day allows us to actively manage and conserve our water resources, particularly during times of increased water demand (April- October).”

Rules for the mandatory water conservation include:

- for all homes, there is a watering ban every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

- all homes should turn off their water if it is running into the street or sewer system. Watering further than only wastes money and water.

- odd-numbered homes can only water the lawn, garden, or yard on odd-numbered days

- even-numbered homes can only water the lawn, garden, or yard on even-numbered days

At all times conserving water is important, Johnson said.

“Especially as we enter a dry spring across Alberta. We want to ensure that we’re never in a situation where our community’s needs can’t be met, or their safety is at risk due to a lack of water supply.”

The Town hopes to educate and inform residents as much as possible about the importance of the conservation efforts, she added.

“All Lakers share this responsibility to the environment and our drinking water supply, now and in the future. In addition to implementing water conservation measures within our community, it’s essential to recognize the broader impact of drought conditions on neighbouring communities.”

“Water supplies in Alberta are not limitless. We are seeing the limits now. Water management is necessary to ensure their sustainability for today and future Lakers,” Johnson said.

There are also fines for residents who would rather water uncontrollably.

“It is $1,000 per offence. Fines are a last resort for anyone who feels they don’t want to be a part of the solution. Education and compliance will coincide with the duration of the water conservation season.”

Information about the water conservation efforts will be available to view at the upcoming Trade Show on April 5 and 6.

“We will be available to answer any question and provide information. We will also have games and the chance to win a rain barrel and other giveaways for the children.”

Sarah Baker

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