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Town of Sylvan Lake recognizes Inter-generational Day

The Town of Sylvan Lake formally proclaimed June 1 as Inter-generational Day on May 23

Inter-generational Day was recognized by the town of Sylvan Lake during the last council meeting on May 23.

Inter-generational Day, which takes place on June 1 was important for the town to recognize as it is a day that fosters unity, understanding, and social cohesion among residents, Mayor Megan Hanson said.

“Inter-generational Day serves as a platform for bringing people of different ages together, breaking down barriers and promoting meaningful interactions. Recognizing Inter-generational Day encourages the exchange of ideas, skills, and stories across age groups. It strengthens social bonds, builds empathy, and combats social isolation by bridging the generation gap.”

By embracing the day it can help Sylvan Lake better create a vibrant, inclusive community where individuals of all ages feel valued.

“By celebrating and valuing the connections between generations, we acknowledge the wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom that older adults possess, while also highlighting the energy, creativity and perspectives that the younger generations bring,” Hanson said.

The recognition of Inter-generational Day is imperative, Senior Services Supervisor Brittney Wells said.

“It is one day dedicated for the community to recognize the importance and significance that all generations have and contribute to ensuring that Sylvan Lake is a healthy community and relationships are vital across the generations.”

Wells told Sylvan Lake News the many benefits to the day include:

  • The reduction of isolation and loneliness in older adults
  • An increase in the physical and mental wellness for all individuals
  • A reduction to the risk of elder abuse, child abuse and unhealthy relationships
  • The enablement for all generations to learn and engage with other generations
  • An increase in the mental wellness and use of the brain to reduce the risk of cognitive decline such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • An increase to life longevity
  • An increase in community wellness and happiness
  • The promotion of neighbourly initiatives

As part of Inter-generational Day, the town will be hosting a BBQ held at the Community and Wellness Centre for participants in the GrandPals program.

The GrandPals program is an inter-generation pen pal program that was developed and implemented during COVID where community seniors partner with a CP Blakely Grade 6 classroom to do pen pal activities throughout the school year, Wells said.

“This day recognizes and celebrates the mutual benefits that everyone has to forming, and enhancing relationships no matter the age. This one day helps raise awareness to the community that there is an ever increasing gap between the old and young and we need to stand together and fill the gap with meaningful connections.”



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