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Adult Spectrum Services program seeks employment opportunities in Sylvan Lake

kcs Association supports individuals to have a quality of life and contribute to their community
Kcs Association Adult Spectrum Services is seeking employment opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.

From assembling furniture to walking dogs and shoveling snow for those in the community who are unable, adults with developmental disabilities are hard at work throughout Sylvan Lake, contributing and developing their skills.

Many families in the Sylvan Lake community and surrounding areas are in need of support programs that can help children and adults with disabilities and their families be all they can be.

To meet this need, kcs Association has served Sylvan Lake and the surrounding communities since 1978 with three major programs: Early Learning and Early Intervention, Family Supports and Spectrum Adult Services – a key program that helps adults with developmental disabilities remain in the community and enjoy a quality life based on work, community involvement and meaningful relationships.

kcs does this with a variety of supports such as respite care, community access, independent living and employment.

“Many people in the community aren’t aware of the program,” says Spectrum Adult Services Director, Janine Putt.

kcs Association’s Spectrum Adult Services connects adults with various levels of developmental disabilities with employment supports, to develop their resume and eventually gain meaningful employment.

Skills to be developed include:

  • Greeting
  • Furniture assembly
  • Cleaning
  • Flyer delivery
  • Snow shovelling
  • Painting
  • Leaf raking
  • Dog walking
  • Dish washing
  • Shelf stocking

kcs Association supports individuals based on their capabilities and comfort level. The support Team work with them to become successful within their position, through supporting them on the job as needed until they are confident and capable to complete the requirements independently.

“Our community is very supportive when it comes to opportunities for employment,” Putt says. “And with the holidays coming, people need workers.

“We have plenty of capable, talented individuals who are seeking opportunities for odd jobs and part-time employment, and who want to contribute to the community!”

If you have an employment opportunity that may be of interest to individuals in our program, or for more information, contact Janine Putt at 403-550-9775.

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