One of the nine drilling rigs owned and operated by AMA Drilling in Red Deer.

One of the nine drilling rigs owned and operated by AMA Drilling in Red Deer.

Family tradition, drilling expertise combine to give you peace of mind

AMA Drilling has the right tools and people for your water well or specialty job

If you’re looking for a skilled tradesperson or company to do work on your property, length of service is often one of the first things you look for.

Finding people with a solid reputation and a tradition of performing quality service – with your needs a priority – gives you the peace of mind that your job will be done to your satisfaction.

Cory Parsons, who runs Red Deer domestic and commercial water well drilling and pumps company, AMA Drilling, feels strongly about this. He’s the second of three generations involved in the company, having learned the ropes and ultimately taken the reins from his father, Don, who founded AMA in 1980. Now Cory’s son, Dylan, is working in the field with a crew as an apprentice water well driller. In fact, Cory’s grandfather was also a water well driller and farmer from the 1930s to the ’70s, then using horse-drawn bucket rigs and cable tool rigs, and his experience led Don to his lengthy career in the industry.

“It’s something we pride our business on, that we are truly a family owned company,” Cory says. There’s also many long-term employees whose expertise and work ethic are a big part of the tradition built at AMA, he adds. “Our ambition is to create a legacy for future generations.”

Diversifying to serve you better

In the early days of AMA Drilling, the company’s sole focus was drilling domestic water wells for farm, ranch and acreage properties, Cory says. Through the years, they’ve expanded their services to include industrial drilling for multiple applications, and become experts in pumps of all kinds, offering sales and maintenance.

Showing their creativity and ingenuity, AMA used their equipment to drill into the Red Deer landfill and set up methane capture wells to recover the gas for future use, potentially the generation of electrical power.

Partners in home construction

Given its reputation for providing accurate and efficient service, AMA has developed relationships with various home builders and developers in Central Alberta. The AMA Drilling team works directly with engineers and developers on projects to offer accurate estimates and analysis of foundation and soil retention options, plus water wells and complete pumping systems.

Keeping up to date

As a full-service drilling company, AMA has worked hard to keep up on the latest techniques and equipment. With nine complete rigs they’re able to take on many different types of projects, from residential and commercial water wells, to pre-drilling for hard rock pilings, and even environmentally sensitive projects.

“We’re constantly trying to keep up with the times in terms of equipment and knowledge about the trade that allows for better outcomes for customers,” Cory says. “It also gives our employees a sense of pride.”


To find out more about how AMA Drilling can help you with your water well and drilling needs, visit, call 403-377-7704 or email You can also find AMA Drilling on Facebook.


Crew members from AMA Drilling keep a close eye on the work of an auger in the field.

Crew members from AMA Drilling keep a close eye on the work of an auger in the field.

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