108 liquor tickets issued during long weekend

RCMP were called after a report of loitering in the back alley at Value Drug Mart in Sylvan Lake.

Saturday, June 29th

2:58 p.m. – RCMP were called after a report of loitering in the back alley at Value Drug Mart in Sylvan Lake. Staff advised of intoxicated persons drinking by the dumpster behind the store. They initially left after being approached by staff, however, continued to return afterward. Members patrolled the area but were unable to locate the individuals.

4:45 p.m. – A Sylvan Lake male is facing a charge of assaulting a peace officer after an incident at the intersection of 50th Street and 47th Avenue in Sylvan Lake. A Sylvan Lake RCMP member was stopped at a red light facing northbound when the driver of a truck drove past and shot a water cannon into the face of the officer. The member pursued the vehicle and the suspect vehicle stopped. The 17-year-old driver and a 19-year-old male passenger were arrested. The driver is facing a charge under the Criminal Code for the assault.

7:59 p.m. – RCMP attended Chief ’s Pub and Eatery on Lakeshore Drive in Sylvan Lake after a 911 call was received of a fight involving several males outside the bar. One group of four males was in possession of bear spray and used it against three other males involved in the altercation. There was also a complaint involving a gun but the weapon was not seen nor seized by police. A 26-year-old Edmonton male is facing charges of possession of marijuana as well as participating in a fight in public and conduct detrimental to the orderly operation of a licensed premise. A 22-year-old male of Edmonton is charged with assault under the Criminal Code. Two other Edmonton males, aged 25 and 28, were also arrested. Investigation is continuing. Three male victims, two aged 23 and one 28, are from Red Deer and Sooke, B.C.

Sunday, June 30th

7:19 p.m. – Police attended The Source on 47th Avenue in Sylvan Lake after a male was found unconscious on the sidewalk in front of the electronics store with a bottle of liquor beside him. The male was awakened by police and deemed medically clear before he was arrested for public intoxication and transported to cells until sober. The 24-year-old male was found to be under probation for alcohol-related conditions and was formally charged with failing to comply with a probation order.

Monday, July 1st

9:32 a.m. – A resident of Hunter Road in Sylvan Lake contacted police after he discovered that his truck was stolen from in front of his house. The male advised that he did not leave the keys in the vehicle and does not know how the suspect gained access. The vehicle was later recovered by Camrose Police Service and one male was taken into custody.

3:27 a.m. – An RCMP member was flagged down by a female advising that a group of males were consuming alcohol and causing a disturbance in the parking lot near More Moo on Lakeshore Drive in Sylvan Lake. When the officer arrived, one male threatened to punch another male in the face and he was arrested for uttering threats. Two males, aged 23 and 24, were charged with obstructing a peace officer after one provided a false name and another attempted to prevent an officer from executing a lawful arrest.

11:59 p.m. – RCMP laid several tickets as part of July long weekend enforcement efforts. The total included 108 liquor tickets; 22 traffic-related offences; seven bylaw enforcement infractions and eight tickets for other provincial offences.

Tuesday, July 2nd

2:53 p.m. – Fire crews and police were called to an explosion in Eckville. A house located on 51st Avenue exploded resulting in a blaze which was promptly extinguished. Fortunately, no one was occupying the residence at the time of the explosion. The cause was determined to be a leaking propane tank in the basement which was ignited by the pilot light of the hot water tank.

Wednesday, July 3rd

3:18 p.m. – An eight-year-old male suffered a broken leg as a result of a collision on 43rd Street at 45th Avenue in Sylvan Lake. The boy was riding his bike in a back alley at that location when he crossed in front of a vehicle driven by a 44-year-old female. The driver called 911 immediately, advising that she did not see the cyclist until it was too late as her vision was impeded by a fence and there was no signage indicating a crossing area or bike path. Due to the fact that low speeds were involved, it was fortunate the male suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Thursday, July 4th

3:54 p.m. – RCMP were called to a residence on Old Boomer Road due to concerns over a gas leak at the house. Police and fire crews responded to the home after reports of high levels of gas leading into the residence. ATCO Gas confirmed the leak and crews entered and secured the property. Homeowners immediately surrounding the residence were also notified to evacuate as a safety precaution. No injuries were reported.