Amendment would change driveway configurations in new narrow lots areas

Public hearings on both bylaws were set for June 25 in council chambers.

During their regular meeting Monday, Sylvan Lake councillors:

• passed first readings on bylaws to amend the South Area Structure Plan (ASP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) to allow consideration of The Vista in Ryders Ridge outline plan from Melcor Developments. This plan is for the quarter section immediately south of Ryders Ridge.

The ASP is being amended to add a collector road leading a short distance east of the north-south collector road to address expected traffic volume from a multi-family residential and commercial site; modify open space allocations to relocate the community park and school site to a more central location in the quarter section and relocate a commercial area from the corner of Highway 20 and Memorial Trail to the east side of the collector road leading north from Memorial Trail.

The LUB amendment proposes to designate land to medium lot residential (R1A), narrow lot general residential (R5) and public facility (PF) districts for the first phase of development which would occur south of the pipeline right-of-way and west of the southward extension of Ryders Ridge Boulevard into the quarter section.

Another amendment addresses the issue across Sylvan Lake of parallel parking on streets that have R5 lots with front attached garages and no lane access. The first requirement relates to pairing of driveways so a lot with a driveway on its left side will be beside a lot with a driveway on its right side. The second requirement defines the minimum width of the front parcel boundary that must remain unobstructed by driveway. It’s intended these two requirements would keep curb space available for parallel on-street parking.

Public hearings on both bylaws were set for June 25 in council chambers.

• passed second and third reading of a bylaw setting rates for Family and Community Centre rental.

• approved a development permit for the painted wall sign located on the side of Mia Casa furnishings.

• approved a policy for street naming and civic addressing within the town.

• unanimously approved second and third reading of a bylaw implementing fees for rental of picnic shelters and the fire pit in Centennial Park.

• received for information a report on use of the lake washrooms. Councillors, at their Feb. 13 meeting, approved keeping washroom #1 open 12 months a year. “It remained open during the winter-spring shoulder season from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and received what our staff classified as moderate but steady use,” according to the report prepared by Ron Lebsack, director of leisure and protective services.

Little vandalism was experienced but there were two minor incidents in the men’s washroom.