Any ghostly encounters in downtown Lacombe?

Any ghostly encounters in downtown Lacombe?

The City of Lacombe has it’s share of old buildings and interesting stories

Ever been in one of Lacombes’ downtown buildings and experienced anything you can’t explain?

The Lacombe and District Historical Society are looking to collect chilling tales of the unexplained about the City’s historic downtown.

They would love to hear about your ghostly encounters or any spooky stories you’d like to share.

“Basically we were approached by one of the local businesses who would really like to organize a ghost tour of downtown Lacombe,” said Becca Stone, archives and programming coordinator with the Lacombe & District Historical Society. “It’s something that I have wanted to do with the historical society for a couple of years now, but we’ve just never had the opportunity to make it happen.

“But it’s definitely something that we would really, really like to create,” she said, adding that it’s also part of a goal to just maximize and promote what downtown Lacombe has to offer in general.

Of course, Lacombe has its share of older buildings, said Stone, who, having grown up in Scotland, added that ghostly tales are simply a part of the culture.

“Primarily the reason that I’m reaching out is to try and get the public interested, and to try and find out if anybody has stories so that we can create something around it.”

Stone said many communities with beautiful, historic downtowns have these types of tours as well.

“It’s a really good way to generate interest in local tourism as well,” she said.

The mission and purpose of the Lacombe & District Historical Society is to preserve, interpret and display items significant to Lacombe’s history and promote public awareness of local history.

The society maintains an archive for the preservation of historical artifacts and documents in its collection.

At the Michener House Museum and Archive (MHMA), the Society also offers free admission to the Museum to all members of the public.

Other services provided at the MHMA include free guided tours of the Museum in English or French, research assistance to individuals conducting historical research or genealogical investigations, duplicate copies of archival documents or photographs, activities for children and special events.

For more information or to contribute, email