Bikers arrested in shooting near Sylvan Lake

Attempted murder charges have been laid against two motorcycle gang members following a shooting near Sylvan Lake on June 3.

Attempted murder charges have been laid against two motorcycle gang members following a shooting near Sylvan Lake on June 3.

RCMP continue to investigate after an adult man was located walking in an area near the community suffering from gunshot wounds.

Rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery, the man is expected to survive.

Daniel Huddlestone, 34, and Cameron Monkman, 28, were identified as suspects by Sylvan Lake RCMP with assistance of the RCMP Serious Crimes Branch, dog, forensic identification and other units.

Both are associated with the Malicious Crew Motorcycle Club which RCMP identify as a support club for the Hells Angels. They have been charged with attempted murder using a firearm, robbery with a firearm, aggravated assault, possession of a restricted weapon and other weapons related offences. Monkman has also been charged with possession of marijuana, reported RCMP Sgt. Patricia Neely in a news release.

A press conference was held on Friday in Calgary where Cpl. Jerion Hildebrant, an RCMP expert on outlaw motorcycle gangs, said the Malicious Crew has been on the police radar for about a year.

“What we’ve seen in the past few years, especially the past three to four years, is a tremendous increase in these types of clubs,” Hildebrand was quoted in a Calgary Herald story. “They’ve emerged across Alberta in many, many communities, right from southern Alberta right through to northern Alberta in Peace River and Fort McMurray.”

The Malicious Crew is based in Central Alberta, around Sylvan Lake and Red Deer, according to Hildebrand.

At the same conference, Inspector Garrett Woolsey was quoted as stating there’s no evidence the shooting was ordered by the Hells Angels. “We have a theory and a motive behind the incident regarding an interpersonal relationship between the two accused and the victim.”

The victim is also associated with the club. The rank and membership of the suspects and victim within the motorcycle club is still under investigation, according to the Herald story.

Another attempted murder that occurred the same evening doesn’t appear to be linked although the two offences occurred in the same time period and same geographic area, according to Neely’s release.

Andrew Waunch is facing numerous charges as a result of that offence. “Waunch has no known link to the Malicious Crew, but is an associate of Huddlestone’s,” Neely said.