Birchcliff busiest of summer villages in 2012 construction season

Birchcliff was the busiest summer village around Sylvan Lake as far as new construction was concerned in 2012.

Birchcliff was the busiest summer village around Sylvan Lake as far as new construction was concerned in 2012.

Permits were issued for three new residences and a camp cottage, according to information supplied by the summer villages administration office.

Among the 14 permits issued for work in Birchcliff, two were for demolitions of cabins, two were for demolitions and replacement of sun decks in Sunny Side Camp, and others were issued for an addition to an existing cabin, relocating a shed onto private property, increasing the grade for a cabin, construction of a garage, installation of culvert and approach and construction of the North Shore Lift Station (by Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Commission).

Birchcliff was also the most active community in 2011, with 12 permits issues for total construction of $907,500. It’s difficult to do a year-to-year value comparison since totals were only supplied for five of the 14 permits issued in 2012. Value of those five tallied $2,190,000. Not provided was a construction value for one of the new residences, which would have bumped that total substantially.

Sunbreaker Cove

Construction in Sunbreaker Cove involved 10 development permits, and value of $306,000. Again construction values for four of those permits is missing.

Among the permits issued two were for new residences, three were for additions to residences, two were for decks and one each were issued for an addition to a garage and for construction of a garage.

In 2011, Sunbreaker Cove recorded $1.264 million in construction value, with permits issued for four residences (and the value not included for one of those).


Norglenwold saw seven permits issued during 2012 with value pegged at $152,738 for the two permits which did include figures.

The permits were for construction of a single family dwelling, a single family workshop and garage, waterfront stairs and platform, demolition and removal of a cabin, removal of an existing cottage, renovation and landscaping of an existing unfinished dwelling, and deck construction at the front and side of a dwelling.

In 2011, Norglenwold saw 10 permits issued with total value pegged at $964,000.

Jarvis Bay

Construction of two primary residences was permitted in Jarvis Bay. Also approved among the six permits issued were a bathroom addition, an addition to an existing cabin, removal of an existing cabin and installation of driveway columns and landscaping. Only three of the six permits included values of the work to be done. That tally was $1,254,900. Missing from the tally was one of the two residences.

Four permits were issued in Jarvis Bay in 2011 with a total value of $1,798 million, including one home valued at $1.2 million.

Half Moon Bay

While two permits were issued for work in Half Moon Bay there was no value assigned to either project. The permits were for removal of an existing cottage and addition to a cottage.

A single permit was issued for construction in the summer village in 2011 — for an addition estimated at $50,000.

The total declared value of construction permitted in the five summer villages last year was $3,903,638. (Only 16 of the 39 permits issued indicated a value of the construction work.) That’s down from almost $5 million in 2011 and $4.834 million in 2010.

Construction totals in the summer villages peaked at $14.799 million in 2007 before dropping to $10.587 million in 2008 and bottoming out at $3.269 million in 2009.