Volunteers at C.P. Blakely School have devoted hundreds of hours to extracurricular activities.

Volunteers at C.P. Blakely School have devoted hundreds of hours to extracurricular activities.

C.P. Blakely celebrates volunteers

The school entertained its volunteers, with a tea to honour their selfless contributions throughout the year.

  • May. 25, 2017 7:00 p.m.

C.P. Blakely School recently held a celebration to honour the volunteers who have helped out their school. The organizers served refreshments and desserts, while students from the school’s music program performed as a way to give thanks for the hundreds of volunteer hours given.

“We have a Volunteer Tea for all of our families who have generously given their time to come in and provide great things for our school, such as a turkey dinner, a Halloween Dance, a barbecue which is coming up our Spring Fundraiser, Parent Council and all the other things that they have contributed,” C.P. Blakely Vice Principal Kimberly Cocks said.

The coffee served for the event was provided by the Sylvan Lake Tim Horton’s and the cupcakes were generously baked and donated by a C.P. Blakely volunteer.

“All of our students have created art for this celebration and we want to say thanks to all of the families,” Cocks added.

C.P. would not be able to provide any of its extracurricular activities without the help of volunteers, according to Cocks.

“Absolutely not, we need volunteers and they help make our school as great as what it is,” Cocks said. “We have volunteers who come at 5 a.m for a turkey dinner; we have volunteers that meet once a month to help plan upcoming events; in January they had provided funding for all of our kids to do inline skating; they have provided funding to provide all of our kids to go on at least one field trip per year; and they have provided opportunities for our families to get together.”

She added, “we are super grateful for all these great people here. We can’t say thank you enough for what they have given.”