Canada Post reminds people to keep a safe distance

Canada Post reminds people to keep a safe distance

Encounters with dogs have increased as more people stay at home

Canada Post is asking Canadians across the country to help keep their employees safe during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

In a news release dated March 30, Canada Post asked people to respect the social distancing measures in place, such as keeping a physical distance of two metres, while employees are delivering mail or serving people at post offices.

When accepting a package at your home, Canada Post states you should keep the door closed when employees are delivering mail and parcels and avoid personally greeting them.

If you own dogs, Canada Post asks you keep the door shut and don’t allow your dogs to approach employees out in the community.

“With so many people home during the day now, the number of interactions between our employees and dogs has been increasing,” stated the release.

“This makes it difficult to adhere to physical distancing when owners need to retrieve their dogs, and it increases the risk of dog bites.”

Keep a distance of two metres from delivery agents when they are placing mail in community mailboxes and while they are out in the community in general.

When in a post office, practice physical distance and all other measures as recommended by public health authorities.

“We know this is a difficult time and we appreciate your help in keeping our employees safe, which will also help keep our local communities safe. Physical distancing is essential for all of us to get through this challenging time together.

“We continue to put the safety of our employees and the community first. We thank all our customers for their patience and understanding.”

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