In this photo provided by Chad Fish, the remnants of a large balloon drift above the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of South Carolina, with a fighter jet and its contrail seen below it, Feb. 4, 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chad Fish via AP

Chinese balloon flew through ‘radar gaps’ during journey over Canada: Norad

The deputy commander of Norad says a suspected Chinese spy balloon passed through “radar gaps” during its flight over Canada.

Lt.-Gen. Alain Pelletier says that affected the military’s ability to track its flight path as it flew over central British Columbia.

Pelletier and Maj.-Gen. Paul Prevost of the Canadian Armed Forces strategic joint staff are appearing before a parliamentary committee this morning.

The two say the Chinese balloon passed near several Canadian military bases during its journey through Canada on Jan. 30-31.

But they say the balloon did not pass over anything of particular significance before it re-entered the United States and was shot down off the coast of South Carolina on Feb. 4.

Pelletier says they won’t know exactly what the balloon was capable of until it can be analyzed.