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City of Wetaskiwin Mayor and City Manager receive serious threats in anonymous letter

Threats include ‘I know where you live’, and ‘you will need some good security’
(file photo)

Sunday Jan. 30, 2022, City of Wetaskiwin Mayor Tyler Gandam took to the Facebook page ‘Mayor Tyler Gandam’ to share an anonymous letter sent to city council earlier that month.

The anonymous handwritten letter utters threats towards Mayor Gandam and City Manager, Sue Howard, demanding their resignation.

Gandam decided to post the letter on January 30 to the public, the date which the letter writer demands they resign by. The letter read, “If you both decide to hang in there you will need some good security.”

The letter writer continued, “I have nothing to lose as you have taken that from me. I no [sic] where you live, I suggest you take you [sic] high price wages and run. Good [l]uck you will need it.”

Gandam took to Facebook to express his frustration and disappointment at the letter and its disturbing contents—which addressed him as ‘colour boy Mayor’.

“Normally anonymous letters get thrown in the garbage without a second thought. This one didn’t,” said Gandam in his post. “I’ve spent the month pissed off, worried about my family’s safety and wondering how to deal with it.”

“It’s disgusting that ‘colour boy Mayor’ is how they addressed me. To suggest that both myself and the City Manager need security because you know where we live is reprehensible to say the least.”

“The only thing this letter will do is make me question why I go above and beyond for a [C]ity I love. I know this is only one letter but it resonates far more than 10 thank you’s—unfortunately.”

Gandam continued to express that threatening letters are not the way to get your voice heard by the city and that in addition to his vast accessibility to discuss concerns with respect, city council meetings have open mic sessions available to the public.

“I am not always going to do what you think I should or vote the way you would—and that’s ok. I will always listen to your concerns and input when done so respectfully,” Gandam said.

“Writing letters like this will go into the garbage and won’t change anything you are unhappy about… If you are unhappy about something or would like to see change—get involved.”

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