Council approves alternative mobile vending site

Town council on Monday approved an alternative location for the 50th Avenue and 50th Street vending site.

The potential for conflict between a mobile vendor and the Sylvan Lake Farmers Market prompted council to approve an alternative location for the 50th Avenue and 50th Street vending site while the market’s taking place.

Town administration reported to council on Monday night that a letter from the manager of the Sylvan Lake Farmers Market noted some interference on the market from a fresh fruit vendor at the site, saying the vendor’s location was such that it appeared to be part of the market.

The letter also stated that the vendor was benefitting from foot traffic generated by the market.

Coun. Megan Chernoff said she felt it would be necessary to relocate the vending site only on Fridays when the market takes place.

“I think it would be appropriate,” she said. “It looks like they’re part of (the market), and I can see how that’s a bit awkward, but I don’t want to see a permanent move.”

Coun. Jas Payne agreed, and felt the issue was one specific to the type of vendor occupying the space.

“It doesn’t need to be a permanent move,” he said. “A food truck or other vendor would actually fit the area, even with the Farmers Market.”

Council eventually resolved to approve a bylaw amendment creating an alternative vending location in the eastern portion of Centennial Park directly south of an existing site in the event of a genuine conflict on Fridays.

First, second and third readings were given unanimously.

Coun. Matt Prete was absent from the meeting.