Council approves marina housing development

Council has given its nod of approval to a multiple housing development with commercial use to be located at the marina.

  • Mar. 27, 2014 3:00 p.m.


Black Press

Council has given its nod of approval to a multiple housing development with commercial use to be located at the marina.

At its Monday meeting, council voted five to two in favour of the development provided several conditions are met. The proposal calls for 25 new row houses to be built on site. The existing commercial development will remain as well as the marina and boat launch area.

Councillors Dale Plante and Megan Chernoff were opposed.

Approval was granted with the condition that the developer provide cash in lieu for MR dedication to be used for the turn-around area, a portion of which will be located in Lighthouse Park. Cash in lieu shall be collected at $500,000 per acre for any outstanding area.

Coun. Plante voiced objections to this condition. He also expressed concern about parking.

“I am very much pro development, but not by bending the rules. I don’t believe we’ve done justice on this. I hope I’m dead wrong, but I cannot vote (in favour) of this based on the allotment done for parking.”

Coun. Matt Prete voiced concern about the view.

“It’s certainly going to affect the view traveling west on Lakeshore, (but) it’s okay. It’s not perfect, but it’s okay.”

Coun. Chas Payne pointed out the developer has complied with all the requested requirements.

“The developer has done everything they’ve been asked to do. It would be hypocritical of us to say no. We have an obligation to approve (the development). And we want as many people on Lakeshore as possible.”

Mayor Sean McIntyre said he sees the development as a positive.

“We are not seeing a development over 60 feet tall which was the original plan and approved two years ago with the last administration. It’s is a compromise, certainly, but it is better than the last proposal. With this proposal we will see less of an impact on views, less of an impact on traffic and less of an impact on parking compared to what was approved previously.”

After the meeting, McIntyre said he is also pleased to note that the area in which the lighthouse once stood will now be public property and accessible to everyone which paves the way for the Rotary Club of Sylvan Lake to go ahead with their Lighthouse construction project.

Under this development agreement the boat launch remains accessible to the public.

Objections to the development have been forwarded to council by concerned residents.

Hiding the view of the lake, decreasing property values and a negative effect on real estate were the primary issues.