From Left to Right: Councillor Graham Parsons

From Left to Right: Councillor Graham Parsons

Council postpones smoking bylaw talks, approves recycling cart purchase

Council approved the purchase of recycling carts, updates to a tourist home and a number of bylaws at its May 8 meeting.

  • May. 11, 2017 8:00 a.m.

Smoke Bylaw

At their regular May 8 meeting, the Sylvan Lake Town Council instructed administration to postpone any discussion of an amendment to the Town’s smoking bylaw to the 2018 budget deliberations. After a review of the smoking bylaw by administration, it was determined that any sort of change that would modernize the definition of smoking would require additional financial resources ($12,000) for legal review, an extensive public consultation and would need an eight to 10 month timeline for completion.

In a discussion about the matter, Councillor Chris Lust suggested that the Town consider modelling its own smoking bylaw after the modernized model in Red Deer, noting that it may save the Town money to use Red Deer’s model as a “template.”

Recycling Carts

Council awarded tender for the purchase of 6,048 recycling carts to Superior Truck Equipment of Calgary. The amount to be spent on the carts will not exceed $330,000, GST excluded. This purchase is being done in advance of the Town’s plan to implement automated recycling, which is expected to launch in late 2017 or early 2018.

Tourist Home

Council carried a motion to approve a permit application for a two-bedroom tourist home with a relaxation to the relevant bylaw section to allow tandem parking at 5044 51A Street. The property contains a single family dwelling and is in the Town’s Waterfront District, in a residential area.

Conditions in the home include the need for a hard-surfaced driveway; the completion of a fire inspection and a maximum number of two bedrooms at the property.

Mayor Sean McIntyre remarked that he considered it encouraging to see an application for a tourist dwelling, having not seen one in a while.


Proposed Bylaws 1731 and 1735 were put through the public hearing process at the regular May 8 meeting of the Sylvan Lake Town Council. Nobody spoke for or against the bylaws, when council sought public input on the proposed byways. Both bylaws were given first, second and third reading by Council.

Bylaw 1731, the Licensed Food and Beverage Establishment Law, is an amendment to the Drinking Establishment Bylaw (Bylaw 1429)providing for more comprehensive control and regulation of businesses within Sylvan Lake that carry liquor licenses.

The bylaw makes several tweaks for the sake of consistency for matters relating to fees, entertainment on patios, noise regulations, liquor service and enforcement of those laws.

Bylaw 1735 entails new regulations added to how commercial patios governed in the Land Use Bylaw. The law updates the definition of commercial patio and “live entertainment” for consistency, and regulates development criteria, such as size, placement, licensure, parking, enclosure with fences and barriers and access. The bylaw also prohibited use of commercial patios as dance floors or for adult entertainment.

Bylaw 1736 was also given second and third reading by Council. The bylaw adds a new definition of Designated Officer, and tweaks and clarifies several matters entailed within the bylaw.

First Quarter Projects

After a review of several first quarter projects, Council approved a request for an extension to the completion date for the Northeast Industrial Area Structure Plan, from June to September, 2017. This is being carried out to allow for sufficient consultation with landowners in area to be affected by the Plan.