Deborah Wiens announces run for Town Council

The municipal election takes place on Oct. 16.

Deborah Wiens announces run for Town Council

Sylvan Lake local Deborah Wiens wants to change the presumption surrounding politics.

Wiens says she hopes to have people think positively about politics if elected to Town Council.

“I want to become a council member for the Town of Sylvan Lake in the hopes that I can assist in making the best decisions for the Town as we grow and grow and grow,” Wiens wrote in her official announcement on Facebook.

It is her belief that her role as a councillor is to make to community for everyone from singles, to young families, to business owners and seniors.

One way to make to community better for everyone is to make sure there are support systems in place for anyone who may need it, according to Wiens.

“I want to become apart of Council, to make sure we, as a community, have support systems in place for everyone from young families to seniors. It could be as simple as bringing the two groups together to bring each other joy,” she said.

While Sylvan Lake has its challenges, just like any other community does, Wiens says she is ready to face the challenges head on.

She says the community of Sylvan Lake is ready to meet any challenges the growing town faces along with Council.

“I believe the community members of Sylvan Lake are willing and able to take those challenges and meet them head on.”

Wiens and her family moved to Sylvan Lake last June and plan to make the community their “forever home.”

Weiens welcomes questions and comments from voters and says she can be contacted through her Facebook page.

Sylvan Lake municipal election is Oct. 16. Anyone interested in running for mayor or council can put their name in the running until Sept. 18.

All nomination forms are to be submitted to the Municipal Government Building between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Sept. 18.