Eckville Town Office (File photo)

Eckville Town Office (File photo)

Eckville Council Candidates

When residents of Eckville head to the polls on Oct. 18, for the general municipal election, they will have choices between seven council candidates.

Here is a review of candidates who are all looking to secure votes to serve as one of six councillors for the next term.

Karin Engen (incumbent)

I am running for the town council for my second term. I am interested in serving on the town council because I have experience as a politician and I am interested in the future of our great community.

I am hoping that the community of Eckville can secure better access to medical health services.

The scope of practice for a Nurse Practitioner has been greatly enhanced in recent years. All demographics in our community and the surrounding area would benefit by having access to a Nurse Practitioner right here in Eckville.

I am very active in the community. I serve on the Eckville Recreation Board, the Eckville FCSS Board, and the Eckville and Area Wellness Coalition. I served as a school board trustee with Wolf Creek School Division for 24 years.

Dwayne Meyers (incumbent)

I have been a councillor in Eckville for the last two terms and look forward to, what I hope, will be the third term.

I want to be involved in offering a safe place for our residents, where families can raise their children and not worry about them being in an unsafe environment. During my time on the council, I have sat on various groups such as the Lacombe Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee, Medicine River Crime Watch Society, Eckville Fire Department, and Eckville Agricultural Society as a town liaison. This has given me a wide variety of experience and insight into the needs of our community.

Looking ahead, if elected, I look forward to pushing for further town enhancements and upgrades. Furthermore, assisting in attracting new residents and businesses to our beautiful town while keeping the town fiscally responsible and maintaining a lower cost of living compared to other municipalities is also a main priority.

Laurie Phillips (incumbent)

It is my great pleasure to run for another term on the town council. My husband and I have lived here for 40 years now, and we raised our family here.

I want Eckville to be a safe place for adults and children alike, a town where you are not just a taxpayer, but also a vibrant member of a community that values and respects you.

I care enough about our community and…I fully endorse Covid vaccinations and following the science, and your elected government officials should lead by example. My husband and I are vaccinated, and we did so not just for ourselves, but also for our children, our grandchildren, our friends, and yes, for you too. It is important you trust whom you are voting for, so I am just putting that out there so you know in these trying times where I am coming from.

Kevin See (incumbent)

I am running for re-election for my fourth term as Councillor for the Town of Eckville. I have been a part of the decision-making process for the creation of the trail system, the arena ice plant replacement project and the water treatment plant upgrade.

There is still significant work to do and some large projects on the horizon including a possible upgrade or replacement of the wastewater treatment facility.

As always, I try to ensure that the decisions made reflect the best possible outcome for my fellow residents in Eckville. Eckville has been my home for 24 years and I am proud to have raised my family here. I strive to make our town an affordable and safe place for families.

Natalie Pacholek

My family owns a small business, Stacey’s Happy Place, here in Eckville and so having been here for just over a year we’ve become quite invested in the community and enjoy being a part of it.

I am 19 years old but I think a younger person on the council can offer a fresh perspective and open up the door to encourage anyone to take part in committees and councils. And my hope is that me being a voice for the younger generation can inspire others to take a more active role and learn how to get out there and do their best to make a difference. If I get elected to council I would like to see a rise in public participation in local government and decisions that affect you directly.

Jacquie Palm-Fraser

I’ve been thinking about running for the town council for a few years now…this is my first experience with running for municipal office. I really love this community and would like to do what I can to serve it and its people.

I am currently volunteering as a member of Communities in Bloom as well as the Eckville and Area Wellness Coalition. I enjoy being involved in organizations that support and enhance the well-being of our community.

I look forward to having the opportunity to serve the community that has served me and my family so well for most of my life.

Delaney Thoreson

My motivation to run for council definitely originates from my love of Eckville, and the people that live here. Both sides of my family have been farming in the area for over 100 years, and I truly feel the desire to keep going with what they started and believed in.

In the recent past, I worked for the Town in both public works, as well as in the office as a marketing coordinator and receptionist. If elected, I plan to be fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ money, as well as being pro-business.

I would also be ready to submit the matters of young families to the council and town management.