Eckville council proposes Domestic Animal Control Bylaw

If passed the bylaw would restrict ownership or keeping of certain livestock and domestic animals

File Photo.

File Photo.

A new Domestic Animal Control Bylaw is one reading away from being passed by Eckville council.

The proposed bylaw, which received second reading on May 11, will be considered for is final reading on June 8.

If passed the bylaw would restrict ownership or keeping of certain livestock only to properties zoned as County Residential – Minor Industrial (CRMI).

The public notice released by the Town defines livestock as “horses, cattle, sheep, swine, goats, poultry or fowl, bees, and also means fur-bearing animals such as alpacas, llamas, ratites, elk, deer and bison raised in captivity.

Domestic animals are also in the proposed bylaw and its passing would limit the number of domestic animals kept on you property to two.

“Domestic animal shall mean those animals that have been domesticated and are kept as pets, and shall include, but not be limited to pigeons, rabbits and pheasants, but shall not include livestock,” defines the notice.

Anyone currently keeping domestic animals or livestock on their property or considering it in the future will be affected if the bylaw passes.

“Once this is passed, given third and final reading, it will be against the bylaw to have chickens or turkeys and a number of other livestock in the town unless you’re in the proper zoned area,” explained Jack Ramsden, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town.

The bylaw provides several conditions on keeping and controlling livestock and domestic animals, says the notice, adding the bylaw also includes fines and enforcement measures.

“We should be letting people know what third reading’s going to mean, so there is an opportunity to contact council,” said Ramsden.

Comments regarding the proposed Domestic Animal Control Bylaw provided before noon on June 8 will be provided to council during the scheduled meeting that evening.

“With this we’ll be able to say ‘sorry, but you’re going to have to get rid of the chickens’ and even with the rabbits, you can have two rabbits outside but if there’s complaints from the neighbours council can still say ‘sorry but bylaw or no bylaw your neighbours are complaining and you’re not going to be able to [keep them],’” explained Ramsden.

A copy of the proposed Domestic Animal Control Bylaw, Bylaw 766-20, can be fund on the Town’s website, or by contacting the Town by email at or by calling 403-746-2171.