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Eckville getting five more solar lights

The lights are going into Co-op parking lot, the dog park and the walking trail

Eckville is continuing to expand their green and energy efficient initiatives with the purchasing of five new solar lights.

At the regular scheduled meeting of council on July 13 council decided to put two solar lights in the Co-op parking lot, two along the walking trail and one in the dog park.

Jack Ramsden, CAO for the Town of Eckville, says the lights are being purchased through CAP Solar in Olds and are a little more lighter duty than the ones lining Main Street.

The four existing electric lights near the Co-op will be removed in favour of the new more cost-effective solar lights.

“When we take those four lights down on Main Street there won’t be any bill, so I think we’re running somewhere around $80 or $90 a street light… it adds up,” said Ramsden.

The two lights for the Co-op parking lot are a little more expensive of a fixture because they have four batteries because, Ramsden explained, they want to make sure there is lots of power for use in the winter months.

The two walking trail lights will be on the section running along the backside of 55 Street Close in McDonald Heights.

“The trail is very heavily used and at night that’s one area council felt was a little more dark,” Ramsden said.

Solar light number five will be situated to illuminate the leashing area of the dog park.

The total cost for the lights, including purchase, shipping and installation, is about $25,000, but the cost is covered by grant funding.

Ramsden says he is aiming to have the new lights installed towards the end of August or early September.

In addition to the five new lights, the decorative light placed in front of the monument at the end of Main Street is being relocated to across from the Co-op.

Currently the decorative light blocks the view of the monument when looking down Main Street.

The modulars installed during the Eckville Arena Solar Panel Project began pumping power in to the grid on June 25.

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