Eckville mayoral candidates

Colleen Ebden (Submitted photo)Colleen Ebden (Submitted photo)
Helen Posti
(Submitted photo)Helen Posti (Submitted photo)

The residents of the Town of Eckville will have two mayoral candidates to choose from when they go to the polls on Oct. 18.

Here is a review of candidates who are looking to secure votes in the upcoming election.

Colleen Ebden

I was elected to the council in 2010. I have been the Deputy Mayor for the past four years and I believe I can make a positive contribution as Mayor. Bringing a different perspective to the position. I’m prepared and happy to dedicate the time to being Mayor. I have resided in Eckville for over 28 years and enjoy being part of the Eckville community

In these trying times, I want to work hard to keep our taxes in check and continue to keep our infrastructure current. Also, continue to make Eckville a community of choice.

Helen Posti (incumbent)

Helen Posti said that at the last council meeting she had completed service of 30 years as the Mayor of Eckville. She also served on council for years, contributing to Eckville’s one by-election, nine three-year terms, and two four-year terms.

“Things are continually changing and part of my motivation was that this is our 100th year,” said Posti. “I find that I have the time and commitment to continue to being there as a mayor, along with my family’s support. There is something good in every day,” she added.

“I think the big thing is going to be because we are a small community, we have to continue to be viable, and we need to try and keep the utility rates affordable…so that people can afford to live here. And especially so that older people can afford to stay in their own home.

“We would like to have continued growth, and it is happening. It happens slow but sure in a small community,” said Posti.

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