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Eckville’s first hospital back before council

Eckville’s town council met for the first time of 2022 on Jan. 10 with a very light agenda in hand.

Aside from administration reports, the only matter before council was a presentation by Richard Covlin regarding Eckville’s first hospital.

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The building, built by Dr. P.L. Backus in 1921, is still in pretty close to original condition and the owners would like to donate it to the town to have it turned into a museum.

“The owner is looking for a tax receipt,” said Eckville chief administrative officer Jack Ramsden.

“The Historical Society doesn’t have the ability to issue tax receipts. The question is if council wants to go down this road. “

According to Ramsden, this has been something ongoing and is getting to the point where a decision must be made.

Council accepted the presentation as information.

Animal control

The Town of Eckville received their invoice for animal control services for the months of November and December.

Animal control in Eckville is provided by Klassic Kennels, based just outside of Red Deer, and offers 12 hours of services per month at a cost of just over $1,100.

According to the billing summary, no stray animals were picked up during any of the patrols in November or December.

Eckville has contracted to Klassic Kennel for animal control services for the last “three or four years,” according to Ramsden.