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Eckville’s new playground ready to be built this summer

The Eckville Fundraising Society is looking for a final set of donations for concrete and timbers

The Eckville Fundraising Society is set to build the new playground at Eckville Elementary School this summer.

Tiphany Eliuk, president of the society, says the playground is ready to build, but the group is still looking for a final bit of donations.

A post on the Eckville Fundraising Society’s Facebook page says 140 linear meters of six by six 12 foot treated timbers and concrete are the needed supplies.

The timbers were quoted at $3,540.42 and the donation for the concrete is set at about $2,500.

Monetary donations will be accepted as well as donations of the supplies as long as they are approved materials.

“We have certain criteria for the timbers that it has to be and then certain amount of the concrete,” said Eliuk in a phone interview. “We have a company that’s willing to donate $250 towards the timbers so that just helps.”

She added any donations over $25 are eligible for a tax receipt.

“We’re just still looking for a couple donations to roll in and make our fundraising efforts a little easier,” Eliuk said. “It’s hard to roll out big fundraisers right now with the COVID-19 rules so we haven’t really been able to do much in the last couple months.”

Groundbreaking on the project still has no set date, although Eliuk says it will be in July or August.

Once the project gets underway it will take about two weeks to complete.

More information and updates about the project can be found at the Eckville Fundraising Society’s Facebook page.