Everyone’s support needed to get behind Hockeyville campaign

Kevin Putnam and Jared Waldo were behind the idea of mobilizing our community to win the Kraft Hockeyville grand prize this year

Kevin Putnam and Jared Waldo were behind the idea of mobilizing our community to win the Kraft Hockeyville grand prize this year, after devastating news last week of the collapse of part of our arena’s roof.

A Facebook page was set up quickly after that event, and it’s popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. Over 4,100 people ‘liked’ the page by Tuesday evening, about a week after the tragic event of Jan. 20. Its purpose is to encourage people to enter the actual contest through its website, post their stories, read other posts and vote their support for them and Sylvan Lake’s bid.

They’ve received additional help in the past few days from Dianne Womacks, Karen Van Meer and others. Meetings have been held, ideas are percolating, contacts are being urged to help and our community is galvanizing its support to secure the $100,000 grand prize for arena improvements along with the opportunity to host a pre-season NHL game in the multiplex.

One of the questions asked by some is how people who don’t have internet connections or use Facebook can get involved.

The answer to that is simple. Call a friend or neighbour for help. Or visit our well-equipped public library on 50th Avenue where staff are available to answer questions, lend assistance and guidance.

“Vote for Sylvan Lake building an even better leisure and convention centre, it’s up to us, our community,” encourages a set of instructions on the Facebook page and posters being distributed around town.

Initially Sylvan Lake must get ranked in the top 16. To do that people need to nominate “Medican Multi-plex, Sylvan Lake” and submit a “moving and compelling story” about why winning is important to you and our community.

Think about what you’d like to say that might convince judges we’re worthy of their consideration (several of the stories are printed elsewhere in today’s Sylvan Lake News).

While our multi-plex is an arena, it’s host to major events such as provincial curling championships, the Spirit of Sylvan Yuletide Festival, graduation exercises for H. J. Cody students, broomball, lacrosse and other sports.

A new leisure centre, built in conjunction with the multiplex, is planned to include a seniors centre, conference centre, indoor walking track and more. We’re sure a concession will be necessary. Just think of all the benefits for ourselves and our families.

Then go to www.krafthockeyville.cbc.ca and follow the instructions starting by clicking ‘nominate’.

Be sure to use the Community Name “Medican Multi-plex, Sylvan Lake” (and not Sylvan Lake Arena) since the prize is designated for ‘arena upgrades’.

The deadline for submissions is Feb. 9.