The staff of Falcon Homes celebrated a significant victory

The staff of Falcon Homes celebrated a significant victory

Falcon Homes wins Large Volume Builder of the Year Award

A local company takes home an assortment of awards for its hard work and strong reputation.

  • May. 25, 2017 6:00 p.m.

The reputation of Falcon Homes is soaring, after the company earned the Central Alberta Excellence in Housing Large Volume Home Builder of the Year Award, from the Central Alberta Branch of the Canadian Home-Builder’s Association, for the second consecutive year.

Gary Pardy, Owner and Partner with Falcon Homes, stated that winning the award once again, at the May 13 Central Alberta Excellence in Housing Awards, is a great honour particularly given the stiff competition faced by home builders in Central Alberta.

“It’s a major accomplishment to win this award for the second year in a row. I’m not even sure that’s happened before,” said Pardy in a call with the Sylvan Lake News. “We won four awards that night, and this is the big one, basically.”

The other awards that Falcon Homes took home included the Best New Home Between $525,000 and $599,999; Best New Multi-Family Home, Townhouse or Duplex Style Over $225,000 and the Safety Leadership Award for Builder Member. Although they were excited to win each award, Pardy noted that the biggest honour for Falcon Homes was the Builder of the Year award.

“I would say that there’s definitely more competition out there, because everyone’s trying even harder to sell the homes they have,” said Pardy. “I guess it does make a difference, in a way there, but even when things are busy, it’s a great accomplishment to win that award.”

The criteria for the Builder of the Year award is split between three tiers of parameters, which are evaluated from numerous perspectives. A panel of 23 online judges adjudicates entrants, and their evaluation counts for 50 per cent of a company’s score. Customer surveys count for 30 per cent of the overall score, and trade suppliers and partners, also contribute their feedback counts for 20 per cent of the overall score.

When asked what he belives to have contributed to Falcon Homes’ strong feedback, Pardy said that the company prioritizes the needs of clients, and that they are considered number one.

“We go out of our way, and bend over backwards to take care of our clients. We have a full-time service department here,” said Pardy. “As far as products are concerned, we stay on top of trends.”

Pardy explained that staying on top of trends entails travelling all over Canada and the United States, taking a serious look at what kinds of homes are upcoming, currently popular and “what people are liking and buying.”

Another part of the culture of Falcon Homes that earned it distinction was its treatment of everyone who works with the company Pardy noted that they treat everyone like family. From customers having their homes built, to sub-traders making sure every specificity of a building is in place, Pardy says everyone is treated with equal positive regard by Falcon Homes.

“They treat us well, too. If a customer comes onto a site, sub-traders are happy to talk to them they’ll lay down their tools and answer whatever questions they have,” said Pardy. “We have some of the best staff in the industry working for us here in the office, on our sales team as well.”