Fire ban in effect for Red Deer County

Fire ban in effect for Red Deer County

The ban was put into place Aug. 28 and will remain until further notice.

Due to dry conditions, a fire ban has come into effect for Red Deer Country. The ban was put into effect on Aug. 28 and will remain in effect until further notice.

The ban effects all outdoor fires burning within the county whether “set with permission or under permit of the County”. Any fires currently bringing are to be immediately extinguished.

While the fire ban is in effect all outdoor fires within the county are prohibited.

According to Red Deer County, the ban does not effect any fires “contained within cooking and heating appliances and which are fuelled by fluids, gases or charcoal briquettes” or contained within industrial facilities for operational purposes.

It is unclear how long the ban will last, the county said it will last until further notice.

Any person violating the condition may be faced with a fine and be liable for any damages or costs associated with extinguishing the fire, in accordance with the County’s Fire Services By-law.