Eckville Fire Chief Stuart Carde

Eckville Fire Chief Stuart Carde

Fire standards remain the same in Eckville

The Town of Eckville has implemented no prohibitions relating to fire and fireworks this year, although the bylaw is under review.

  • May. 25, 2017 9:00 a.m.

Although the Town of Eckville is reviewing some of the finer points of its bylaw relating to burning and fireworks, fire standards remain the same as last year, in the Town.

Although there are no more restrictions on fires this year than usual, Fire Chief Stuart Carde cautioned residents to not leave their fires unattended under any circumstances, as the weather warms up, and the season for campfires and recreational fires makes its return.

“Not leaving your fires attended, no matter how big they are, is the most important thing. We haven’t changed the bylaw in town, but we want to remind everybody to be responsible with their recreational fires,” said Carde in a call with the Eckville Echo.

“It’s basic common sense by all means, everyone should enjoy their recreational fires but just be responsible, so you don’t disturb your neighbours or create a possible situation where we might have to bring it under control with the fire department.”

Carde noted that the Town is reviewing Bylaw 711/12, which governs burning and fireworks. He noted that the Town will be “seeing what still works,” in its review. Bylaw 711/12 governs a number of matters, including rules relating to fire pits; open air fires; the use of fireworks and the conditions under which fire bans are imposed.

He added, “The bylaw works fairly well as it stands. We just want to take a look at things to make sure it’s current with the times, and to possibly update, to accommodate anything that’s changed in the last few years.”