Fish for free

No license is required to ice fish on Family Day weekend

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Photo submitted

This weekend you can set up on Sylvan Lake and ice fish to your heart’s content without needing a licence. Family Day Weekend is one of two weekends during the year where you can fish for free. The other weekend happens during National Fishing Week in July.

Minister of Environment and Parks, Shannon Phillips views the weekend as a chance for people to spend “quality time with each other,” connect with nature and contribute to their well-being.

“[This weekend] also helps anglers introduce children to Alberta’s diverse ecosystems and fish species,” she said.

Fish species you may find on your line in Sylvan Lake include burbot, lake whitefish, northern pike, walleye and yellow perch. Walley are catch and release only. Ensure you know the limits on how many fish you can keep from your fishing trip.

Even though you can fish for free, there are still rules to follow. Some examples for ice fishing are:

  • Use no more than two lines when angling into ice-covered water
  • Do not use live fish for bait
  • Do not use a snagging device (examples are a gaff or gaff hook, spring-loaded hooks that trap the fish)

Take a look at the Alberta Guide to Sportfishing for more details before you head to the lake.

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