Al Cameron. (Submitted Photo)

Al Cameron. (Submitted Photo)

Flags of Remembrance closing ceremonies cancelled

COVID restrictions, concerns cancel closing ceremony

Having received several suggestions from supporters and the community regarding public safety, Veterans Voices of Canada has taken the difficult decision to cancel this year’s Flags of Remembrance closing ceremonies.

Founder of Veterans Voices of Canada and the Flags of Remembrance, Al Cameron, said, “As we received emails and messages from both supporters and local community members, and after much consideration, we decided to cancel our Veterans Voices of Canada-Flags of Remembrance closing ceremonies.

“As much as this is an integral and important part of our annual tribute and a decision we did not take lightly or easily, it seemed the best decision in today’s societal climate.

“Those who contacted us seemed to be concerned about public safety (given the COVID-19 pandemic) for those attending our indoor gathering. We predicted 100 plus volunteers, attendees, and Plaque of Honour recipients of all ages taking part.”

Cameron explained that a typical closing ceremony consists of a piper leading a procession of the color party and VIP speakers, as well as video presentations, and Acts of Remembrance, followed by the presentation of the Plaques of Honour. “It’s a very well-received and emotional extension of the Remembrance season and marks the end of our Veterans Voices of Canada-Flags of Remembrance tribute season for the year,” he said.

Approximately 30 Plaques of Honour are still available for sponsorship in time for the Remembrance Day display. Those looking to honour their past or present military or First Responder hero can contact Veterans Voices of Canada at or call at (403) 358-6313.

Cameron said, “Whether Sylvan Lakers know it or not, they have an organization in their community that is making a difference not only locally but across Canada.

“As Sylvan Lake is where we began this tribute to our heroes, we ask for support from the community to not only help care for our tribute site(s), but to help us through donation or sponsorship, to have one name under each of the 128 flagpoles, to act as ‘guardian of the 1000 souls that one flag represents.’ We cannot continue the good work we do throughout the year without the help of the community; whether it be sponsors, volunteers, donors, or media. And we appreciate all of it. Those who serve our country and us as Canadians, deserve the recognition and exposure in the way we do it here at Veterans Voices of Canada.

“We ask for a minimum donation of $250, which goes towards the work we do throughout the year of honouring our military and first responders through historical documentation, tributes, displays, and support throughout the year. We are making a difference.”

Veterans Voices of Canada will soon be in contact with individual sponsors to confirm the pick up of Plaques of Honour.

“For our next year, we look forward to growth and support across Canada with our annual copyrighted and trademarked tribute,” concluded Cameron.