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Flipside Youth Centre to host third annual ‘Big Brother’ event

The Flipside Youth Centre is hosting their third Annual Big Brother Day on February 10.

The Flipside Youth Centre is hosting their third Annual Big Brother Day on February 10.

“The event recreates the popular television show “Big Brother” by pulling in 16 competitors to be the last house guest remaining after a series of competitions.

“We have 16 ‘house guests’ who we keep in the Flipside Youth Centre and the Community Centre Gym,” Flipside Organizer Deshon Lennard said. “They compete in a series of events and challenges to be the last house guest standing.”

The event came three years ago after the Flipside Advisory team looked into the feasibility of putting it on.

“Someone brought up the idea to see if it was possible, I looked into it and it was a pretty easy thing to do,” Lennard said. “We made it happen.”

The 16 house guests are chosen on a first come, first serve basis. Lakers can sign up for the event by logging onto and look for community programs. There will be multiple prizes throughout the day provided by multiple community sponsors.

“The winner receives a Visa Gift Card, but there are Head of Household Challenges throughout the day where they can win gift cards from places like Booster Juice, Panago, Incline Industries many different places,” Lennard said. He added, “There are a lot of local business on board to help give out gift cards and rewards for the kids.”

This year the final competition and finale will be hosted by Calgary native Raul Manriquez - a competitor on CTV’s Big Brother Canada 4.

“We contacted multiple Big Brother contestants from Alberta. He replied right away and was extremely excited to be on board,” Lennard said.

Lennard recommends that potential house guests register quickly. Lennard added guests should expect many “twists and turns” and should “expect the unexpected”.