Sylvan Lake Mayor Sean McIntyre will take over as the City of Red Deer’s chief of staff. (Advocate file photo)

Sylvan Lake Mayor Sean McIntyre will take over as the City of Red Deer’s chief of staff. (Advocate file photo)

Sylvan Lake Mayor takes over City of Red Deer chief of staff position

McIntyre announced that he would not seek re-election as mayor earlier this month

Sylvan Lake Mayor Sean McIntyre will be the new chief of staff at the City of Red Deer.

The city confirmed Friday morning that McIntyre was taking over the position.

Earlier this month, McIntyre announced that he would not seek re-election as mayor. McIntrye was originally elected to council in 2010, then elected to mayor for the first time in 2013 and re-elected in 2017.

“My family and I are really looking toward a new season in our lives. After more than a decade of service as an elected official here in Sylvan Lake, we’re excited to pass the torch onto somebody new,” McIntyre said in an interview with the Advocate Friday.

“Really I’m also looking forward to putting everything that I’ve learned so far into helping the City of Red Deer, with their future as well. Obviously, growing up in Sylvan Lake, Red Deer has always been a big part of our lives. Now, to be able to apply all the things that I’ve picked up, especially after the last 11 years in municipal government to the City of Red Deer is going to be really exciting.”

Sylvan Lake town council will appoint a councillor as interim mayor at the council meeting on Aug. 23 and the appointment will be in effect until the municipal election on Oct. 18.

“Over his term on council and the last eight years as mayor, Sean has left the Town of Sylvan Lake in a much better place,” said Wally Ferris, chief administrative officer in a news release.

“Both his and council’s successes speak for themselves – from the NexSource Centre to Pogadl Park, to Urgent Care, to solid financial policies. He will be successful in anything he decides to pursue.”

In a post on the city’s website, the chief of staff position is described as “professional executive advice, corporate guidance and support to the mayor while establishing and maintaining effective working relationships and acting as a point of contact between the city manager, senior staff, the community, stakeholders, and other orders of government.”

McIntyre said the position presented itself after he decided not to run for re-election in Sylvan Lake and he’s eager to tackle some of the big challenges the position will entail.

“Being able to work closely with the mayor’s office and with council is a big opportunity to help them succeed in all the things that they’re going to have to be tackling over the next several years. To be able to put in my experience with working with community groups, staff and elected officials alike, I think I’ll be able to bring a new perspective into that office,” he said.

One big challenge on the horizon as he takes over the position will be preparing for the 2021 municipal election in October.

“One of those elements will be working with the current mayor and council and then seeing what the citizens of Red Deer decide as far as who they’d like to be represented by in the future. My hope is that I’ll be able to be an asset to whoever Red Deer decides will lead and hopefully make a difference, even before the election.

There’s always something to accomplish in municipal government.”

The organizational chart on the city website listed Brad Koopmans as the chief of staff Friday morning. Koopmans is also listed as chief of staff on a report made to Red Deer city council on June 15.

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