From Left to Right: Councillor Graham Parsons

From Left to Right: Councillor Graham Parsons

Funding, polls and traffic among matters discussed by Council

The Sylvan Lake Town Council met on April 24, reallocating fire department funding, and preparing for the NexSource Centre grand open in.

  • Apr. 27, 2017 7:00 p.m.

Funding Reallocation

At its regular April 27th meeting, Sylvan Lake Town Council passed a motion to allow for the reallocation of $24,200 in reserve funds from the Sylvan Lake Fire Department’s training reserve to its 2017 operating budget, to fund training and equipment for a watercraft previously purchased for water rescue in Sylvan Lake.


Council passed a motion to approve the use of advance polls and institutional voting stations, and the decision to use special ballots for the 2017 Municipal Election. This entails the decision to set up polls at Sylvan Lake Lodge and Bethany. Advanced polls will be held on Sept. 29th and 30th. Special ballots will be issued by mail to provide a third option to voters unable to attend advance polls or polling stations on election day.

Park Use

Council approved the issuance of two tenders for the service of two non-water based vendors and one concession service at the newly acquired Lakefront Park property. Council heard a presentation from Parks Manager Lee Furlotte on several potential uses for the property, which entails a building with provisions such as lockers and washrooms, a breezeway, a rooftop patio and lease spaces for seasonal opportunities.

Traffic Bylaw

Council passed second and third readings of Bylaw 1730, a traffic bylaw that regulates vehicle and pedestrian traffic and the use of roadways, sidewalks and public places in the Town of Sylvan Lake.

Documentation from Municipal Enforcement stated that changes were necessary after significant local traffic volume increases, and infrastructure changes.

NexSource Grand Opening

Council accepted a report on the details of the upcoming grand opening of the NexSource Centre. The report entailed volunteer duties, distribution of free drop-in passes for guests at the grand opening, NexSource Centre tours and guest invitation lists, among other assorted details relating to May 12th and 13th event. Council accepted the the report as information.

“We appreciate the time staff has put into making this event a reality. I want to say how much I appreciate the ability to celebrate the grand opening, with neighbours and partners,” said Mayor Sean McIntyre.

First Quarter Projects

Council heard first quarter project reports, relating to several ongoing local projects. These included a lagoon aeration report, stating that four aerators/water circulators will be installed in one of the Town’s storage cells, during the week of May 29th.

Mequip Co. was awarded contract to install a blower motor in the Town’s lagoon aeration system at a cost of about $50,000.

A new inlet pre-cast concrete structure has been installed, as part of an ongoing effort to upgrade berm elevation to match other cells to provide as much storage as possible, and a consultant has also provided the final report on wastewater effluent quality in Jan. 2017. A draft for an inflow and infiltration report has been provided to Council.

The company responsible for removing bio solids from the cells of sewage lagoons in 2016 SaskAlta Environmental Solutions is in court ordered receivership. Lambourne Environmental was awarded the 2017 contract for bio solid removal.