GRANDPARENTS’ TEA - Grade 2 students at Steffie Woima Elementary School

GRANDPARENTS’ TEA - Grade 2 students at Steffie Woima Elementary School

Grade 2s at Steffie Woima entertain and honour grandparents

The Granpdarents' Tea Day is an annual treat Grade 2s give their grandparents, with food and entertainment.

  • May. 18, 2017 5:00 a.m.

Grandparents of the Grade 2s at Steffie Woima Elementary School entertained and introduced to the elementary school lives their grandchildren live, at the 26th annual Grandparents’ Tea Day, on May 12.

The event entailed grandparents of the Grade 2s being entertained at the school, being served refreshments such as tea, coffee and assorted snacks after grandparents were treated to a performance by the Grade 2s, orchestrated by the school Music Teacher Tara Anderson.

“They do a concert, and then after the concert, we invite kids down to serve snacks like squares and treats and that kind of thing to their parents and grandparents. Parents volunteer to serve coffee, too,” said Normoyle. “Then, the Grade 2s bring their grandparents back to their classrooms and present them with a carnation to take home.”

The theme for the Grandparents’ Day Tea was “How to Babysit Your Grandparents,” Normoyle said, noting that it entailed a humorous component, through which the Grade 2s, riffing on what grandparents would normally do, when babysitting children, with skits and songs.

“It’s to show appreciation for grandparents and community seniors, and how they contribute to the lives of the kids,” said Vice-Principal Dawn Normoyle in a call with the Sylvan Lake News. “We really believe that they have a lot of teaching they do for students, and provide so much support on a personal level. We learn so much from grandparents, and want to celebrate them and thank them for all they do with the kids.”

Normoyle said the event was fabulous, and that “it was nice to look at the families and see the kids excited to introduce their grandparents to their teachers and classmates.”

“There were a lot of smiling kids and grandparents. It really creates a feeling of community, and as our town gets bigger and starts to lose its small town feel, it’s nice to have that sense of community.”