The Central Alberta Buccaneers football team had matching shoes with their uniforms at the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event last year. File Photo

The Central Alberta Buccaneers football team had matching shoes with their uniforms at the Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event last year. File Photo

H.J. Cody Interact Club raising awareness to those in need

The club has two major events planned in May and June

The H.J. Cody Interact Club is looking to raise funds and awareness through two upcoming events.

The club is planning a car wash and cookie walk for May 12, as well as a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event for June 1.

The car wash and cookie walk was a bringing together of two ideas, according to Bronwyn Jones, co-president of the club and lead on the event.

“The school has held a car wash in the past, for the grad class, and it was successful then,” said Jones. “And I’ve done a cookie walk with my church.”

The event on May 12 is part of the club’s We Day promise. The funds raised will go towards the ongoing efforts to build a school in Haiti.

The club members have been working over the last few years towards a goal of $10,000 for the Haitian school, and are nearing the end.

“I think we a re about 60 per cent there. We are hoping [the car wash and cookie walk] will bring us even closer to our goal,” said Jones.

The cookie walk, Jones says, will have a variety of different cookies. The participants will be given a container for $5 to fill with as many cookies as they can.

The car wash will be held in the school’s parking lot out front, with the cookie walk held inside.

The car wash costs $10 per vehicle.

“We are really looking forward to it. It should be a fun day,” said Jones.

The other major event the club is planning is the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. Taking place on June 1, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., the walk is to help bring awareness to domestic violence.

The walk is open to men and women, though it is aimed to have men literally walk a mile in women’s shoes, specifically high heels.

The Sylvan Lake walk, organized by the club, is being called a satellite walk of the walk being held in Red Deer, which will run on June 7.

Everett Jeffries, co-president of the club and lead on the event, says the student body at the high school is really excited about the walk but would love to see the community there.

“It would be really great to see a large group of people from the community come out and support this. It would be something to see,” said Jeffries.

This is the first year the event will be held in Sylvan Lake as well as Red Deer.

In the school, the male staff members have been very supportive on the walk and have been encouraging students to participate, according to both Jones and Jeffries.

“The staff have been great and really encouraging. They seem really excited about this,” said Jeffries.

Shoes, up to a men’s size 15, will be provided the day of in a variety of different style, including wedge and kitten heels for those worried about twisting an ankle during the walk.

Students at the school are taking pledges for the walk, and community members can as well, though there is no pressure to donate, says Jeffries.

“You don’t have to donate to sign up. We just want to see a lot of people out and to see this be successful,” Jeffries said.

All money raised through pledges will be donated to Women’s Outreach in Red Deer.

“It is a brave thing to do, to bring attention to a cause like this that is so uncomfortable and hard to talk about,” said Jones.

Those interested can sign up to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes can sign up online through and by clicking on the Sylvan Lake Walk on the website’s home page.

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