Devin Dreeshen.                                 Photo Submitted

Devin Dreeshen. Photo Submitted

It is time for a change, according to Devin Dreeshen

Devin Dreeshen is running for MLA with the United Convervative Party

Devin Dreeshen says it is time for a change, which is why he is running for MLA with the United Conservative Party (UCP) in the Innisfail-Sylvan Lake by-election.

Dreeshen has been involved in politics for about eight years, and says now is the right time for him to take a seat at the table.

“I spent eight years working behind the scenes in the Harper government working on tough and complex files for the betterment of our country,” Dreeshen said in a recent in-person interview.

As the son of member of parliament Earl Dreeshen, he says he has always been involved in politics in some form.

Most recently he worked behind the scenes on the unification of the conservative parties in Alberta, something he says he has been supportive of on a provincial and federal level.

He says doing good for his community is what has always drew him into the world of politics.

“Making change, and changing your community for the better I see as a very worthwhile endeavour,” he said.

Dreeshen calls the roll of MLA “very important” and hopes to be a good representative to the riding if elected.

However, he recognizes there is only so much that can be done in a by-election.

“No to be-little a by-election, but there are big issues that won’t be tackled in the year before the general election,” he said.

If elected to MLA for Innisfail-Sylvan Lake, hopes to be able to richest to as many people as possible to listen to what they want and need.

“I think we will be able to do more good in 2019, when we form a government,” Dreeshen said of the UCP.

“We will bring a change in 2019.”

During his by-election campaign, Dreeshen is focusing on to key issues; the carbon tax and the economy, specifically the oil and gas sector.

As a member of the UCP, Dreeshen supports the repeal of the carbon tax. He says that is the UCP’s first priority if elected in 2019.

“Everyone is seeing it reflected on their bills and at the pumps. Why should we by paying more?” he said.

Similarly, Dreeshen supports the oil and gas sector, saying more needs to be done in that area to stimulate the economy.

“We need to be supporting the oil and gas sector, getting pipelines built and getting people back to work,” said Dreeshen.

Dreeshen calls the Innisfail-Sylvan Lake riding his home and he was born as raised here, as such he feels he will be the ideal representative for the area.

“I feel like we are being held back, and it is time for a change.”