Lacombe County council reviews presentation on crime prevention app

Highlights of the May 26 regular council meeting

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Lacombe County council approved the new strategic plan from 2022 to 2027 during the May 26 council meeting.

Community Crime Shield

A presentation was provided on the Lightcatch App which is a crowd-sourced app focused on crime prevention, crime awareness, and crime mitigation. The app allows users to post updates on both suspicious and criminal activity.

Council received the report on Lightcatch for information and by resolution of council, Lacombe County will recommend and promote the Alberta RCMP app for use by county residents and businesses.

Highway 12 traffic light

Lacombe County will provide Minister Ron Orr with a letter of support for expediting stage 1 of the Highway 2/Highway 12 interchange functional planning study, which would provide for the installation of traffic lights at the Highway 2/Highway 12 intersection.

The proposed stage 1 upgrade, identified for a 2025 implementation, would provide for the signalizing of the diamond intersection. This location has a number of serious accidents each year and with the current and future traffic levels these traffic lights are crucial to public safety.

Aspelund off-site levy

The Aspelund Off-site Levy Bylaw has recently been reviewed to update the costs for the remaining future infrastructure to reflect current industry pricing in central Alberta.

Bylaw No. 1362/22 will be presented to council for first reading in the fall of 2022.

Palm Cove off-site levy

Lacombe County is preparing an offsite levy bylaw (1363/22) to recoup the costs of up-sizing the joint line through Sunbreaker Cove and on the Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Commission line in order to provide wastewater servicing to the Palm Cove area.

This levy is only applicable to lands if they are subdivided, rezoned or developed in the future. Bylaw No. 1363/22 will be presented to council for first reading in the fall of 2022.

Fire services proposal for the City of Lacombe /Lacombe County

The following resolution received the approval of council:

In addition to considering a fire services proposal between the City of Lacombe and Lacombe County based on a fee for services model, as authorized by Resolution Number C/413/21, Lacombe County will also consider other fire services delivery models.

The next regular council meeting will be held on June 9.