Largest food drive to date held in support of local food bank

Largest food drive to date held in support of local food bank

The Sylvan Lake Food Bank filled their walls full of food last Thursday night thanks to the Girl Guides, Brownies, Pathfinders, Sparks, and Scouts of Sylvan Lake who collected 350 bags of groceries and $480 during their annual food drive.

The Food Bank stated it was the largest food drive they have seen in a number of years, with Girl Guides leader Judy Scanland stating the community support was ‘outstanding’ and ‘phenomonal’.

The guiding leader stated not only is the food drive a great way to help collect food and funds for those in need in the community it also shows participants how many people there are who go without adequate food in the community.

“There’s a lot of talk about how there are people just in our backyards that need our help,” she added. “We touch on the idea of waste not/want not and the premise around not wasting food because there is always some one else who could use it. Both the guides and the scouts recieve badges for participating in the event and they are always extremely happy to participate in the event.”

Scanland stated the kids are always blown away by how willing the community is to help them in their food drive.

“For what ever reason our food drive has become very successful and where as in past years it would be the leaders and a couple of volunteers help put away food, the food bank needed around 12 volunteers last night to help put away all of the food we collected last night,” said Scanland. “Just due to the size of the town we are never able to cover all of it, but the kids always try their hardest to do so, and sorry if we didn’t make it to your home but we are still accepting donations,”

To make a food or money donation to the Food Bank call Pam at 403 505 5842 or Judy at 403 877 4371.