Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers a speech during the Liberal summer caucus retreat in St. Andrews, N.B. on Monday, September 12, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren Calabrese

Liberals table ‘sustainable jobs’ bill to back up pledge to help workers transition

The federal Liberals introduced new legislation today that would require the government to develop and share a plan every five years to help workers transition to a clean-energy economy.

It would hold the government to account for its promises to help workers retrain and create new jobs as Canada shifts away from its current reality as a combustion-energy powerhouse.

The government says a clean-energy economy could create as many as 400,000 new jobs before the end of this decade alone.

The Liberals are calling Bill C-50 the Canadian Sustainable Jobs Act.

The pragmatic-sounding name belies the political fight ahead as energy-dependent provinces in Western Canada accuse Ottawa of trying to overstep its bounds.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has said her province would provide additional cash to help cut emissions from oil and gas production only if Ottawa scrapped the sustainable jobs bill.