Megan Hanson, Sylvan Lake Mayor/ Facebook image.

Megan Hanson, Sylvan Lake Mayor/ Facebook image.

Local group creates a place of love

Invites Lakers to expand on initiative

As people prepare to celebrate Christmas with loved ones, the Sylvan Lake Rocks have put up a community Sharing Caring Tree for Lakers to collectively decorate and enjoy. Located at the Lions Park outside the municipal government building, the tree acts as a reminder of togetherness during a time of dismay.

“Sylvan Lake Rocks is a group of Sylvan Lakers with the mission to share smiles through their beautifully painted rocks. Recently they reached out to the town to request partnering on a project that would allow their rocks to still be seen once the snow hits the ground and I am so happy to see the caring tree come to Lions Park this past week,” said mayor Megan Hanson.

During a time when activities have been limited due to the pandemic, and the temperatures drop to the negatives, Sylvan Lake Rocks member Janelle Silvey said they wanted to continue the trend of placing and finding painted rocks around town.

“The reason we thought it would be a good idea is because the rocks we found have brought a lot of cheer to people, especially right now when there’s not a lot you can go do and there is social distancing, and people who have lost loved ones or friends, it’s hard during this time of the year when you don’t have them. So, it’s a place to go where you can feel loved by all your community and know that even if you don’t have your loved ones with you or you are alone and can’t go home, there is someone thinking about you, you’re not alone in this place,” said Silvey, adding, “It’s a way for people to get together and communicate and make connections and to help bring people a feeling of peace and love when we need it the most.”

The Sylvan Lake Rocks was started about four years ago, but took-off when the pandemic hit and people were looking for things to do, said Silvey. The group currently has about 900 members. Visit Sylvan Lake Rocks! Facebook page for events and updates.

“It’s always cool when you find a treasure when you are out,” said Silvey. “Everyone’s welcome to add something to the tree and be a part of the group. You could even just go down to admire the work, it’s a place of love,” she concluded.