Locals seek answers from Town on doggie day care application

Locals seek answers from Town on doggie day care application

Two Sylvan Lakers say they are up against a wall trying to open a new business in town

A couple of Sylvan Lake entrepreneurs feel like they are being stonewalled by the Town in the process to open a new business.

The Lakers are looking for answers, which they say have been denied to them from those they have spoken to at the Town’s office.

The duo, who asked to keep their name private to protect further entrepreneurial endeavours, said they weren’t given any sort of reason why an application for a doggie day care in the downtown core would be denied.

“We didn’t even get to the application process,” one of the would-be owners said. “We explained what we wanted to do and he just shut it down from the very beginning.”

The two locals want to open a doggie day care on Centennial Street, which will act as a service to the community and a retail space as well.

“We were told we couldn’t have a kennel, despite not being a kennel, and our only option was to be a pet store,” the prospective business owner said, adding they didn’t want to open a pet store as there are already a few in town.

The store location was chosen for numerous reasons, including the price and it already being zoned for animal services.

It would also provide a space for dogs when owners go shopping or for dinner after taking a stroll along the lake, along with a retail space full of specialty pet items.

“I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen a dog left in a car because the owners went to supper,” the local said. “Our doggie day care would provide a service and help keep pets safe.”

However, all dealings with the Town thus far have been frustrating and blocking, according to the two.

The area the duo wish to open up shop is a direct control district, and as such all decisions are under the discretion of the approval authority, in this case Town Council, according to Joanne Gaudet, communications manager with the Town.

A land use bylaw is in place, and if a business owner would like to appeal to council to change or amend it to open a new business, an application could be made to Council.

Gaudet says staff will be able to give their recommendation to Council on the topic, but the ultimate decision would come down to Town Council.