Males trying vehicle door handles not located

RCMP made patrols in the area of Harper Drive in Sylvan Lake after a complaint of two males walking along Harper Drive

Saturday, Nov. 24th

11:00 p.m. – RCMP made patrols in the area of Harper Drive in Sylvan Lake after a complaint of two males walking along Harper Drive checking door handles on vehicles in order to gain entry. Both were described as tall and dressed in dark clothing. The pair had left the area quickly as they were not located by police.

Monday, Nov. 26th

8:09 p.m. – A male is facing an assault charge in connection with a domestic dispute on Highway 11A in Red Deer County. A couple was involved in a verbal argument inside a vehicle. The argument turned violent when the car was stopped and the male proceeded to grab the female’s hair and began strangling her. The female’s pleas regarding their children ended the assault. She later reported the incident to RCMP and the charge was laid following further investigation.

Wednesday, Nov. 28th

4:22 p.m. – An altercation broke out between two males outside Obee’s Pizza in Sylvan Lake. A male employee at Obee’s witnessed another male trying the door on his parked vehicle and he confronted him resulting in a physical fight. An off duty RCMP member witnessed the assault and another member came to assist, resulting in the suspicious male being arrested for disturbing the peace. The male was extremely intoxicated and was held in cells until sober.

6:04 p.m. – RCMP received several calls of 911 hang ups at Sylvan Lake Arena. Members attended the area and noted that there were several kids in the arena, a few believed to be playing with the phone. Rink staff was notified. RCMP are again reminding people that playing with 911 can result in a tie up of services for real emergencies, causing a delay in response to legitimate calls for help.

11:13 p.m. – An assault at Open Range Saloon resulted in charges being laid against a Red Deer male. Witnesses reported that the accused assaulted another male at the bar in a completely unprovoked attack. The victim was found to be bleeding from the eye area. Upon arrest and search of the accused, who was intoxicated, a small quantity of marijuana was also seized. The accused is facing a charge of assault and possession of marijuana under 30 grams.

Thursday, Nov. 29th

2:28 a.m. – A male resident placed a call to RCMP dispatch about an intoxicated ex-girlfriend pounding on the door of his residence and kicking his vehicles. The complainant locked the door to his house and called police. Charges are pending against the female for mischief and breach of a peace bond.

Friday, Nov. 30th

2:53 a.m. – RCMP checked a vehicle alongside the roadway on Memorial Trail in Sylvan Lake. The vehicle had no lights on and was running with a lone male occupant inside. The male’s vehicle documents were checked and the male was found to have an expired driver’s licence and no insurance card. The vehicle was towed at the scene as proof of insurance was not provided. Proof of insurance was later provided and the vehicle was released to the owner.